Dragon Swing 2022



Wednesday, November 16, 21:00 - 4:00
Party at the DKK (Św. Filipa street nr 6) with the Schwings Band

Thursday, November 17, 22:00 - 5:00
Party at the Old Tram Depot (Stara Zajezdnia, Św. Wawrzyńca street nr 12) with the Schwings Band and Lazy Swing Band

Friday, November 18, 22:00 - 5:00
Party at the Old Tram Depot (Stara Zajezdnia, Św. Wawrzyńca street nr 12) with Shirt Tail Stompers and Lazy Swing Band

Saturday, November 19, 20:00 - 4:00
Party at the Wieliczka Salt Mine (Wieliczka, Daniłowicza street nr 10) with Shirt Tail Stompers and Reverent Juke

Sunday, November 20, 21:30 - 4:00
Party at the DKK (Św. Filipa street nr 6) with the Reverent Juke


Friday, November 18th, 19:00-19:45, DKK (Św. Filipa street nr 6)
"Make Rhythm Like Al and Leon" with Miroslav
We will explore some classic steps, rhythms and styles, seen in the clips featuring the emblematic dancers: Al Minns and Leon James.
We'll take this as an inspiration to learn how to freely express ourselves dancing Jazz in a jam.

Sunday, November 20th, 18:15-19:00, Klub Spotkań Poczta Główna (Westerplatte street nr 20)
"How to feel more confident while improvising" with Nastya
Do you always want to dance solo but feel struggled about improvisation? It's not so difficult :) Come to the class to learn some tips and tricks that will definitely help you to start doing this!


Sign up for the competition only on-line!

You can sign up for Open Mix & Match until 15:00 on Thursday (17.11.2022), for Advanced Mix & Match and Strictly Lindy until 15:00 on Friday (18.11.2022). No sign up for Solo competition.


Rising stars - Open Mix & Match

Preliminaries: Thursday at DKK from 20:15 till 21:45

Finals: Friday, during the party at Stara Zajezdnia (The Old Tram Depot)

Shining Stars- Advanced Mix & Match

Preliminaries: Friday at DKK from 20:00 till 20:45

Finals: Saturday, during the party at the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Strictly Lindy

Preliminaries: Friday at DKK from 20:45 till 21:30

Finals: Saturday during the party at the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Solo Charleston

Preliminaries and Finals: Saturday, during the party at the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Shopping during Dragon Swing

During the festival, you will be able to buy cool clothes and accessories for Lindy Hoppers :) Check out the information about our sellers below!


EmbroiderMich is a brand of hand-embroidered jewelry and accessories, started by Michal Front - an Israeli swing dancer based in Berlin.
After a lifelong fascination with embroidery, she began experimentation in 2018 and shortly after EmbroiderMich was born.
In her shop one can find necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, tie-tacks and more, all made with love on upcycled fabrics.
Find her on Instagram:


Or on Etsy:


Where and when you can shop at EmbroiderMich?
During the party on Friday (18.11.2022) at Stara Zajezdnia
During the party on Saturday (19.11.2022) at the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Swing It

Swing It is a Lindy Hop shop from Kraków that offers fabulous footwear and clothing specifically designed for Swing Dancers. You can find a huge variety of oxford shoes, boots, vests and skirts. And that's not all! They also sell dance towels, leather belts, and other accessories! 

Check out their offer at www.swing-it.eu

and their FB profile @swingiteu

Where and when you can shop at Swing It?
During the party on Thursday (17.11.2022) at Stara Zajezdnia
During the party on Friday (18.11.2022) at Stara Zajezdnia


All Boun’Shoes are entirely craftmade in Italy, in Marche Region, the most famous shoe making district in Italy
Boun’Shoes specialises in both ladies and men’s footwear that are perfect both for dancing and everyday use
The genuine leather of the sole is suitable for any floor and can be also worn outdoors
Its flexibility gives a direct connection to the floor, making your swivels and slides more elegant and fluent!
Our goal is to create unique designs with a timeless elegance that takes inspiration from the past but always with an eye to comfort and quality

The wide variety of designs means that there is a pair of Boun’Shoes for each of you to match your personal and distinctive style
The softest genuine leather will make you want to sleep with your shoes on!

Where and when you can shop at Boun'Shoes?
On Thursday and Friday all day during the workshops in Stara Zajezdnia.
During the Thursday and Friday parties at Stara Zajezdnia.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Since the Wieliczka Salt Mine is over 10 kilometers away from Cracow Old Town, we provide special Dragon Swing buses to help you to get there and take you back to Kraków. You will find your return BUS TICKET to Wieliczka in your welcome pack. Please, check and respect your departure time. Be on time!

Don’t miss your bus, there may not be a place for you in the next bus!

DEPARTURE POINT is the bus stop on Kurniki Street (bus stop Dworzec Główny Zachód by the main station).

You can also go to Wieliczka by public bus or train. The bus number 304 runs from the bus stop on Ogrodowa Str. Train goes from „Kraków Główny” - Main station to „Wieliczka Rynek – Kopalnia” station. You can buy a ticket  in the ticket machines placed in the entrance to the platforms or on the train (cash only).

The happy ones having a car can drive along Wielicka Street and then the Road number 94 will lead them straight to Wieliczka.

Technical Break in the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Until 23.00 according to the lift’s schedule we can go out of the Salt Mine every 30 minutes. From 23.30- 01.00 there is a technical break. The lifts do not work (except in an emergency). After 01.15 everyone can leave the Mine accordingly to the lift’s schedule. Please make sure to arrive before 22.00. The entrance after 22.00 is not possible!

The party will last until 4 a.m., but if you don’t want to stay until the end, you will be able to leave the mine earlier.
Take at least 2 pairs of shoes (dancefloor might be slippery).
Don't worry about food or drinks - you will find everything in the underground bar and restaurant!
Smoking: there will be a specially designated smoking area. Outside this area smoking is strictly forbidden.
Cell Phones: Although the party takes place 135 m underground it is possible for the most of the mobile phones to work there.


135 meters underground


Fundacja Kultury, Muzyki i Tańców Swingowych
NIP: 6760061602 | Regon: 350143760 | KRS: 0000044214

Address: 32-020 Wieliczka, ul. Nowy Świat 6

KMiTa Swing Dance Studio: 31-146 Kraków, ul. Długa 82/5a

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