Dragon Swing 2022



Tomasz Departs the Dragon Swing Team

In 2019, we celebrated the 10th edition of the Dragon Swing Festival. We started back in 2010, and grew from a tiny event to one of the largest Lindy Hop events in Europe.
From the start, the festival was organized by Magda, Tomasz and Arek, whose main goal was to show what Lindy Hop can be to the Krakow and Polish Lindy Hop communities, as well as put Poland on the map for dancers from abroad. Though we worked to the best of our ability to fulfill our visions, these visions have begun to diverge to such a degree that we have decided to start working seperately.
Arek and Magda will be running upcoming editions of Dragon Swing, while Tomasz will keep realizing his vision independently.
In the future Dragon Swing will keep many of its iconic characteristics, such as the Weilicza Salt Mine.
If you’d like to follow Tomasz’s projects please follow him on his page: https://www.facebook.com/TomaszDancer


Dragon Swing is the annual international Swing Dance Festival organized since 2010 in Krakow.

This year, we invite you to a real dance marathon - 4 days of workshops (12 hours of classes for each track + tasters!) and 5 parties in amazing venues. On Saturday, we will go to the Wieliczka Salt Mine and ride down the Daniłowicz Shaft to a depth of 135 meters to the Warsaw Chamber which is one of the most beautiful ballrooms in the world!
We can't wait to see you all in Krakow!

Dragon Swing 2022


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