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Josh McLeanJoshua Mclean loves to dance.

He was introduced to Ballet and Hip Hop as a young child and then discovered Lindy Hop and American Vernacular Jazz dance whilst at high school in 2010, he was immediately captivated.
Joshua is an energizing element in the Lindy Hop dance scene and is recognized for his work with rhythm and improvisation on the dance floor. He is dedicated to the study and exploration of Jazz music, American Vernacular Jazz movement, Charleston, Lindy Hop, and lesser known Jazz dances.
In 2013, he was appointed the role of Lindy Hop Ambassador for the Frankie Manning Foundation and in 2017, he founded the Rhythm Ambassadors, a Lindy Hop performance group comprised of all African American dancers. This group performed their debut routine, “Sit-Down Strike” live in New Orleans with the Preservation Hall All-Stars.
In the past seven years, his travels have brought him to Canada, Chile, Spain, Sweden, France and all across the US to teach, perform, and learn Lindy Hop, Charleston and Solo Vernacular Jazz.

Earanee NiedzwieckiEaranee Niedzwiecki

A lover of Satchmo and Nat King Cole since childhood, Earanee grew up with an ear for jazz, studying saxophone and jazz vocals at high school. While many flock to Lindy Hop for its high energy steps, it was the swingin’ tunes that reeled Earanee into the dance world in 2010.

She soon began following her love of swing dance around the globe, leaving her home of Adelaide, Australia to dance extensively in both Europe and the US. Now a seasoned instructor with experience teaching and competing both in Australia and abroad, Earanee’s classes are all about rhythm, sharing, and encouraging individual creativity.