Dragon Swing 2014 - Here we go again! 22 January 2014, 22.12
Dragon Swing 2014 - Here we go again!
Hello guys! It's a time to save a date for the Dragon Swing 2014! 19-23 November we will...
Dragon Swing news! 22 November 2013, 12.47
Dragon Swing news!
Hope you went wild yesterday on the party with Cracow Metro Band. Today, we move on with...
Side Rooms,  Warm Meals & Blues in the Night
Dragon Swing Starts tomorrow, and not only are we giddy with anticipation, but we are ready to...
KokARTka during Dragon Swing 2013 12 November 2013, 11.48
KokARTka during Dragon Swing 2013
 "Ahoy! Do you know that a bow is the most beautiful accessory in the world? We know,...
Edyta Byrska's artistic jewellery during Dragon Swing 2013
We will have a chance to meet Edyta Byrska and her artistic jewellery during Dragon Swing...
Photography exhibition in the Kolejarz Culture House
   One of attractions of Dragon Swing 2013 will be photography exhibition in the...
DRAGON SWING: Lindy Hop in Cracow, Poland Print

green dragonBefore us next - the fifth - installment of DRAGON SWING: Lindy Underground - the International Lindy Hop Festival organized in Kraków since 2010 by the Section of Culture, Music and Dance - "Kmita Swing".

The festival will be held from 19th to 23rd of November 2014. Like a year ago, 4 days of intensive workshops with international instructors, 5 amazing vintage parties, many tasters and surprises awaits us.

For the third time Dragon Swing and have joined forces to bring you THE GREEN DRAGON TEACHING AND CHOREOGRAPHY COMPETITION. More details about the competition you can find here: Join us on Facebook:


Also this year we will go down to a depth of 125 meters to the historic Salt Mine in Wieliczka to have a party in the biggest hall of our district - Warsaw Chamber. The saturday party at the Salt Mine will be on Saturday, 22 November 2014.
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See you there!


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