Crystal began to dance by Korean traditional dance at her age of 9.

She absorbed the various swing dance deeply including Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Shag, solo-charleston, aerial, Blues and united an excellent learning ability with the inborn talent of dance.


JeongWoo began to dance by Hiphop at 2003.

He is known for being very versatile dancer, specialize in not only Lindy & Balboa but also Charleston, solo Jazz, Shag, aerial. His dance is based on solid basic and musicality. He feels smooth and delicate with music, at the same time very powerful and energetic.


Two of Korea's main instructors, JeongWoo and Crystal are known for top international Lindy & Balboa dancers, and full-time teachers in Korea.

They are traveling a lot and teaching, judging, competing to sharing their dancing energy and passion. They strive to inspire others by sharing their happy virus and new ideas for both Lindy Hop and Balboa.

They specialize in not only swing-out & swivel with energetic Lindy Hop but also elegance Balboa with their own beautiful style.

They have competed, won, judged and taught internationally in many places including the USA, Europe and of course Asia such as ILHC, ALHC, ABW, Camp Jitterbug, ESDC, Lindy Focus, Stompology, GLHC, LSC, CSI, KBF, MFS, OLX, HKSF, etc.  

Besides their achievement outside of Korea, they have their own school called 'SudaSwing' and teach in Korea everyday, regularly. They are also known for organizers and run Asia Balboa Classic (since 2009) and Crazy Leg(one of main competitions) and currently leads their own team, Monsterz(Lindy), SuPulsez(Balboa), Begins(Shag).


Elze and PeterElze and Peter are maybe just the right amount of crazy you’ve been looking for.

She comes from Lithuania, where she teaches in Hoppers’ dance studio while he comes from Los Angeles, but currently lives in Montpellier, France, where he started his own swing dance school. Together, they have this Euro-American style all about fun and connectedness. Their musicality, playfulness, and creativity are not just parts of their light-hearted personalities as dancers, but also as instructors. For them, Lindy Hop is much more than only leading and following… it’s jazz music… it’s dancing… it’s trying to feel your partner… and in the meantime having a freaking great time! Their energy is contagious and their class material is stimulating.

Be prepared for loud laughs, crazy fun, and exciting new moves!






Diana and Felix were successfully matched together by the organizers of RTSF festival where they first taught together. Both very passionate about dance and keen on keeping it smooth and comfortable, they found their partnering to be complementary and inspiring to one another.Diana and Felix

Diana Geisler
Diana started her dancing career in her home town Vienna, where she co-founded a Swing dance project and teaches regular classes and workshops. She is a social dancer at heart and travels frequently to international swing events. The dynamic of Lindy Hop and Shag as well as the idea of energetic social dancing with strong partner connection form the fundament of her dancing. Developing a sensibility for your own body, as well as your dance partner, and a playful approach to musicality are the top ingredients of her individual style, as well as her classes. As a teacher, she hopes to inspire others by suggesting a framework of shapes and rhythms.

Felix Berghäll
Like any other Swedish dancer he started in the Swedish competition scene. He started at the age of nine and with Bugg as his main style. One year later he took his first basic six count step in Boogie Woogie and has since then never stopped dancing or competing. The year of 2009 and the first visit to Herräng was a big turning point in his life. The dance and the music had so much more to offer. That visit turned out to be the best thing he could do, his way of training for both competitions and his own dancing really changed and it proved to be good and have resulted in his most successful years in his career.
Felix’s teaching and dancing is focused on getting every dancer to get to know them selves. As a strong believer of the word “Individuality” he believes that by practicing your own movement you can achieve great things and connect with someone and express pure happiness.



Arnas and KamileKamile is a real treat in Vilnius Lindy Hop community, keeping it swingin' since 2003. Whilst mainly focusing on the social side of Lindy, she has travelled many places in Europe teaching and spreading love for dancing.
Her studies in body and movement awareness bring concepts of movement and following to a whole new level and is a base for her teaching.
A knowledgeable approach coupled with an honest, joyful perspective of life is attractive for students. Positive experience guaranteed!

Arnas Jasiunas is one of the top dancers of the thriving Lithuanian Lindy Hop scene. His original approach to dance will add to the knowledge of a dancer of any level. Arnas ideas are based on concepts of body movement and rhythms. Also, long training in music makes his dancing a creative musical experience.

The combination of Arnas and Kamile's ideas about dancing techniques and teaching methods turns the classroom into an effective workshop and gives students ideas for future training.

Egor & AnnaEgor Rudometkin is a dancer, a teacher, and an astrophysicist. In lindy hop he appreciates the dialogue, the musical drive and improvisation, his unique spirit of naturalness and freedom. Also Egor has developed his own teaching system which helps to structure a truly endless information about figures, music and other aspects of dance.

Anna Yakshina is a very experienced and technical dancer, and she is one of the fastest and easy to lead dancers in Russia. Anna started dancing lindy hop in Kiev in 2004, where she also began to teach. After moving to Moscow (in 2011) she began teaching at the Moscow Swing Dance Club.

Egor and Anna have been teaching together for more than three years. In the classroom, they are able to achieve a delicate balance of emotions and technique, improvisation and systemacy. Although they are often on the brink of a foul. Their students always understand the basic principles and a systematic approach to creativity in such a complex and creative process like improvisation.



As a child, Elle was already dancing to anything she could get her hands on from Modern Jazz to Ukrainian Folk Dance. When she discovered Lindy Hop and swing music in her hometown of Adelaide, Australia, there was no turning back and her classes truly display her passion and joy for the dance. With her own particular style and energy, she is always looking for new shapes and rhythms to inspire and communicate with her partner. Elle encourages creativity and the freedom of expression within the dance and believes that Lindy Hop is conversation between two people and the music.


Marti started dancing and teaching in his home city of Barcelona where he discovered the fantastic world of swing dance and jazz music. Having studied a range of different styles of dance, he loves to mix it up often within one song, letting the music drive his dynamic movement. He has competed in both Collegiate Shag and Lindy Hop and recently has placed in various competitions around Europe. In class he has a strong focus on technique and giving the right tools to his students in order to improve the best that they can. On the social dance floor he uses these tools to interact with his partners, become another instrument in the song and, of course, have a lot of fun.

Jon & JennaJon Tigert is an internationally recognized professional  Dancer, Choreographer,  and Instructor in the Swing Dance community. As a teacher, Jon specializes in Lindy Hop, Charelston, Balboa, Blues, Jazz and Tap. Jon has performed and taught all over the world, including in Montreal, Chicago, New York, Santiago, Budapest, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rome, London and more, as well as with the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestras as a featured artist. Based out of Nashville, Jon can often be found travelling the globe spreading his love of Swing to all of his students.

Jenna first started dancing when she was still in diapers. She began swing dancing some many years later, luckily no longer in diapers. Jenna continues to expand her dancing repertoire and share her love and knowledge of these dances with others. Although she enjoys pretty much any type of dancing and music you can move to, her first love is Lindy Hop. Her energy and passion create the perfect environment for learning, creating challenging yet applicable lessons.

Jenna has attended, coordinated, and taught various workshops and exchanges all across the globe. Some of her favorite highlights are performing at Benaroya Hall in The Jump Session Show and teaching for Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing. Above all else she believes that learning to dance should be fun. With over 10 years of teaching/coaching experience, she loves finding new ways to connect with other dancers on the floor and in the classroom.

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