Vintage For Ever is an exceptional place, created by vintage and retro clothes lovers.

The shop is for the people who love things with soul, clothes which are unique, unusual and high quality.

On the stand you will find both classic vintage (gems from 60’s – 90’s) and modern vintage (selected second-hand stuff) as well as supreme and unique hand-made, woven jewellery.

on Vintage forever stand you will find something extra!


Kasia Dominiak creates wonderful crafts, specializes in bow-ties. Made by dancer, loved by dancers - the need for materalization of her ideas is growing, so here she is! :)

Designer’s jewellery from Edyta Byrska is an original, hand-made piece of art made from silver and inspired by lindy hop. Dancing couples-earings, cufflinks and tie clips are just a few of many cool items that can interest any swing lover. All her works are hand made using traditional jewelers techniques. She herself also dances lindy hop with a Warsaw dancing school Swingout.pl for four years now.

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Dragon Swing 2016 - 4 days to go!

12 Nov 2016 01:38 - Super UserDragon Swing 2016 - 4 days to go!

Hello, 4 days to official start! ---------------------------------------------------------- CHECK-IN & AUDITIONS Firstly – you should do the Check-in. Come to DKK (o.gl/dkZgoj, ul. Św.Fil [ ... ]

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Dragon Swing - 2 weeks to go!

02 Nov 2016 17:08 - Super UserDragon Swing - 2 weeks to go!

Hello Dragon Swing Lindy Hoppers!   nly 14 days to go!
We know that some of you are coming earlier so we decided to send you frist reminder about most important things. Please, read this remi [ ... ]

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Winners of the Green Dragon Competition 2016

30 Oct 2016 13:15 - Super UserWinners of the Green Dragon Competition 2016

In this year for Green Dragon Choreography Competition We got from You 22 movies. This is the previous record, we are very pleased that each year more and more people take part in it. After long deba [ ... ]

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The Green Dragon Competition 2016

25 Jul 2016 11:18 - Super UserThe Green Dragon Competition 2016

This year for the 5th time in a row we will run a GREEN DRAGON TEACHING AND CHOREOGRAPHY COMPETITION for Dragon Swing 2016: Lindy Underground.
This is a special contest where participants have to mak [ ... ]

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Dragon Swing review from Pamplona! :)

26 Mar 2016 17:28 - Super UserDragon Swing review from Pamplona! :)

Hello Dear friends.   Look what they were writing about us :)
br/>"Hi there!!! I've written a review of this year's festival in our blog. I hope you like it. Thank you for making that everybody enjoy  [ ... ]

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