Maybe it is a middle of summer, but our team is impatiently waiting for November, cause in November, in Cracow... it's a Dragon Swing time! We hope to see you there, so don't miss 1st of August, when registration starts. We'll open our system at CET (UTC + 01:00), so be ready!
What will wait for you between 18 and 22 November 2015?

5 parties (from Wednesday till Sunday) in 3 venues. You will have a chance to dance in breathtaking Old Tram Depot and legendary Salt Mine (125 meters underground!) in Wieliczka to 3 bands: Leliwa Jazz Band, Jazz Band Ball Orchestra and first time in Poland - Django Sisters and their boy band from Brno! Theme of suprise Sunday party? Hawaiian holidays :)
4 days of workshops with best instructors. We've already anounced some of them (you can check it out here), but we have some more stars to present... Which level of Lindy Hop group are you gonna choose? Or maybe you'll try to pimp up your solo dancing on Authentic Jazz classes? If it's still not enough for you, we offer a variety of taster classes before every party.
High level of competitions. Every year videos from the show reach very high rate of views (Jack'n'Jill finals from 2013 has over 700 thousands now!). You can chose Jack'n'Jill on two levels (Rising Stars /open/ and Shining Stars /advanced/), Strictly Lindy or Solo Jazz competition. Prizes?  Glory, Golden Dragon statuette and passes for best dance events. Even if you are not eager to participate, you won't regret to see this excellent show live.

Remember, 1st August is the first day of registration! You can't miss it!

PS.  Green Dragon Choreography Challenge 2015 is on. Together with we organize competition for the best choreo. The winners will get the full pass for Dragon Swing 2015, accomodation, meals, Green Dragon Trophy, chance to teach their choreography during the festival and... perform with it in Salt Mine! Dedline: 1st October. Good luck!



Registration Info 2015

12 May 2015 07:56 - Registration Info 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen! KMiTa Swing team is happy to inform that the registration for Dragon Swing - Lindy Underground starts at 8 P.M CET on the 1st of August 2015. More information soon. Save the  [ ... ]

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Green Dragon Choreography Challenge 2015

04 May 2015 08:56 - Super UserGreen Dragon Choreography Challenge 2015

Dear Friends! and Dragon Swing have joined forces for the fourth time to bring you the Green Dragon Teaching and Choreography Competition. You will have a unique opportunity to wi [ ... ]

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Time Freeze Project

25 Sep 2014 18:34 - Super UserTime Freeze Project

Every year we try to make our festival better and more diverse, thus gives us more difficult and ambitious projects but also lets the festival to develop. This year we focus on making a video, which w [ ... ]

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Dragon Swing 2014 - registration/teachers/prices

03 May 2014 19:42 - Dragon Swing 2014 - registration/teachers/prices

We have the pleasure to announce that on August 1st 2014 at 8:00pm we are officially opening registration for Dragon Swing 2014: Lindy Underground!   All important informations about the event (pr [ ... ]

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