Audition is obligatory for levels advanced and intermediate/advanced. Participants registered for intermediate level can also take part in the audition.

People registered for intermediate level who don't want to come to the audition should inform us about this at the registration desk.

People who miss the audition will be classified to the level proposed on registration if there will be still places available after audition. Otherwise they will be admitted for the lower level. There is no audition for solo jazz.

The audition will be conducted in two stages – first part will be run on Wednesday (29.11.2017) evening, second part – on Thursday morning (30.11.2017). On Wednesday we plan to appoint about 50% of each group, if you get your wristband during Wednesday's audition - congratulations! You don't have to come for auditions on Thursday. If not - don't worry, you've got the second chance to get to your dream group on Thursday. Participants who will not get to the declared group on Wednesday will have a second chance on Thursday, but note that the chances on Thursday will be lower, because there will be less wrist bands to get. On Thursday audition will take place in The Main Hall at DKK.

Participants who is entitled to be on audition will get an audition ticket with their welcome pack with exact time and place where he/she should appear.They are obligated to hold the audition ticket on their neck during the audition.

Instructors during audition will have a possibility to classify dancers to each group (they will have wrist bands for all levels). You will be able to get to the declared group, but it will be also possible to be classified to the group on lower or higher level.

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