For Dancers coming into Krakow we have reserved rooms in the Dom Kultury Kolejarza (DKK) and located very close to the DKK (3-5 min by walk) Dizzy Daisy Hostel. The reservation lasts a span of 4 nights (21/22, 22/23, 23/24, 24/25). We have 3 options for accommodation: double rooms, 3-, 4- person rooms and mass accommodation.

Both offered places have good location - they are located very close to the Main Market Square, the Old Town, railway station and places of festival workshops and parties. 

We also offer possibility to buy meals - breakfasts and lunches for 4 days (22-25.11)Breakfasts are served buffet style with food being constantly topped up until the end of the allocated time. Lunch consists of 2 hot dishes and dessert. 

There is a possibility to order vegetarian and gluten free meals.

dkkDom Kultury Kolejarza (ul. Św. Filipa 6)

The Guest rooms of the KTK are separate apartments in the style of a studio, with a joint bathroom and a mini kitchen (refrigerator, kettle and cookware).

The rooms are equipped with a TV and radio. Clean sheets are included into the cost of the room.

Nearby you can find guarded parking (ul. Św. Filipa 13) which costs 30zł (8 euro) per 24 hour period (only passenger cars).

A warm and courteous, English speaking staff will take care to make everyone feel at home.




HOSTEL DIZZY DAISY (ul. Pędzichów 9)

Hostel offers a wide variety of rooms.

A cosy common room finds itself right beside the reception, where you can surf freely on the Internet, watch hundreds of channels of TV, DVDs, play cards, lay down comfortably on the couch and read, or meet people from all over the world and taste local drinks, which you can find in an all-night store just around the corner.

A place where all the guests can meet is common room located next to the reception desk. There is a TV with hundreds of channels and a DVD player. In common room guests can play guitar, drink beer with other guests, enjoy a free tea or coffee in the kitchenette to cook a dinner, or check if the reception prepared today by chance some refreshments.

The hostel is very close to the DKK.


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