Heart of DixieHeart of Dixie is a crazy swing band that loves to party. They feel most comfortable at dance festivals, in the last three years they appeared in many venues accross Europe. From their home base in Brno, Czech Republic, they often visit Germany, Austria and Poland, but also go to Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries. Don´t be fooled by their classical dixieland setup - trumpet, clarinet, trombone, guitar, double bass and drums. With their great singing abilities and background in academic jazz they can go anywhere from 1920s to 1950s, from big band style music to modern tunes with a swing feel. The dancers should enjoy the music as much as the band - that is their motto.



Carolina ReapersCarolina Reapers Swing was born when a team of young musicians, crazy about 1930s and 1940s jazz, met swing dancing. Out of this synergy came a band who brings back jazz standards and the rare pieces that have bound together swing music and swing dance since the early days of Lindy Hop.

Their personal and energetic style is fresh, while their arrangements are tight. That is, they keep it classic and yet find new ways to bring you the ole’ trad jazz songs of the swing era... and their name is already synonymous of a “hell of a party”.

Their recipe: a solid rhythm section (Audrey Leclair, Joseph Vu Van, Fernando Morrison, Arthur Defrain) which makes dancers swing like never before; a talented and creative brass section (Benjamin Faconnier, Sami Khalfoune, David Tavani and Mickaël Pernet) whose exceptional solos light the floor on fire with inspiration and musicality; and the exquisite main singers whose seductive singing will fill you and thrill you.

Their repertoire is not randomly chosen. Besides playing very well-known tunes by the dance community, these musicians research carefully and recover little treasures hidden in the records of Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Sidney Bechet, Illinois Jacquet, Artie Shaw, Johnny Hodges, Billie Holiday, Coleman Hawkins, and others. With so much reverence to the original records, Carolina Reapers Swing will surprise you with songs you haven’t heard before, or they’ll play the songs that you know like it’s the first time you’re hearing them.

With all these ingredients the Carolina Reapers Swing give you everything from those beautiful unforgettable times with your partner to those wild and wonderful states of madness, while also creating some magical moments on stage.

Lazy Swingers BandLazy Swingers Band grew from the inspiration of the music of swinging 30s and the fascination of a unique, noble tone of bands that played at that time.

Nine people, divided sectionally in minimalistic version that refers to the big-band (some of them are lindy hop dancers) focuses on maintaining the characteristic swinging articulation and fluid dynamic changes in such a way that the body starts to tremble and a smile appearing in heart of the dancers doesn't let them stay still!

The band is a part of Krakow Section of Culture, Music and Swing Dance called KMiTa Swing.






Shirt Tail StompersThe Shirt Tail Stompers have over the years been recognised as one of Europe's best social dance bands. Formed in 2010 for the London Lindy Exchange and led by Trumpeter Steve Coombe, they have played numerous dance camps and shows all over the world. With their passion for swing music and movement, extensive knowledge and experience of social dancing, they are definitely the band to dance to in 2018.

Truly appreciating the art of swing and knowing its place in history, they are heavily influenced by Fats Waller, Fletcher Henderson, Count Basie and many other greats from the swing and trad jazz era of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. They are also influenced by the likes of the early Duke Ellington, Sidney Bechet and the old musical roots of New Orleans.

Last year alone saw them playing for dancers in Sweden, Thailand, France, South Korea, Hungary, The Netherlands, Greece, Norway, Italy and throughout the UK to rave reviews.

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