Born in 2010, the Hot Sugar Band has become one of the top-rated bands in the world of Lindy- hop and Swing dance in general. Based in Paris, and featuring some of the finest musicians of the french swing and jazz scene, the band has performed in many of the most important swing events all around the world, including Sweden, Hungaria, Lituania, Canada, Spain, South Korea, China, Italy, Netherlands ... among many others !

Its unique, highly-recognizable sound, at the crossing of John Kirby's sextet, Django Reinhardt big band works, and Count Basie and Duke Ellington's classics, in addition to the band's endless energy on stage, have contributed to make it one of the most-demanded bands in the world of swing dance, with 160+ shows over the 3 last years.

Put together salt, cayenne pepper, oregano, thyme, garlic and paprika to recall the smell of Louisiana. Mix the washboard, banjo, guitar, sax, double bass, violin and accordion to discover it’s sound. The Cajun Spices are a unique combo of passion to music and swing dancing. It is also the only jazz band in Poland created by dancers and for dancers. They find inspiration in the legendary jazz-bands from 20-ties na 30-ties, gypsy jazz, and contemporary musicians from the streets of New Orleans.

The Cajun Spices:

Michał Oblaciński – washboard, vocals, kazoo

Paweł Gałązka – guitar, banjo

Filip Górski – guitar, vocals

Ewa Chamczyk – violin

Kamil Smukowski – sax

Jacek Trzmiel – accordion

Grzegorz Dąbrowski - double bass

Guillermo Lozano - trumpet

Heart of DixieHeart of Dixie is a crazy swing band that loves to party. They feel most comfortable at dance festivals, in the last three years they appeared in many venues accross Europe. From their home base in Brno, Czech Republic, they often visit Germany, Austria and Poland, but also go to Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries. Don´t be fooled by their classical dixieland setup - trumpet, clarinet, trombone, guitar, double bass and drums. With their great singing abilities and background in academic jazz they can go anywhere from 1920s to 1950s, from big band style music to modern tunes with a swing feel. The dancers should enjoy the music as much as the band - that is their motto.



Leliva Jazz Band, collaborating with Tarnowskie Centrum Kultury, was established in 1978. The name of the band originates from the crest “Leliva”, which belonged to the founders of Tarnow city. In the beginning musicians had a strong preference of ragtime music, but later on the repertoire was enriched with jazz standards from 20s and 30s. The arrangements of musical compositions refer to one of the best traditions of that genre – new orleans jazz, especially Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five and Hot Seven bands.

Leliva Jazz Band is a “Zlota Tarka – Gold Washboard 2005” prizewinner during the XXXV Old Jazz Meeting in Iława and also a few other traditional jazz contests winner. The annual polls of Jazz Forum Monthly titled JAZZ TOP consistently classify Leliva Jazz Band in the middle of top ten Polish traditional bands.

LJB team annually participates in many festivals in the country and abroad. In 2006 Leliva Jazz Band had the honour to represent Polish traditional jazz during the Euro Jazz Festival – Rueil-Malmaisone in Paris. In 2014 play 44. Internationales Dixieland Festival Dresden. The bandhosts the annual festival "Jazzowy Rynek” in Tarnow.

Leliwa Jazz Band played at Dragon Swing 2014, Dragon Swing 2015, Dragon Swing 2016 and at all editions of Lindy on Track festival.

Lazy SwingersLazy Swingers Band grew from the inspiration of the music of swinging 30s and the fascination of a unique, noble tone of bands that played at that time. Nine people, divided sectionally in minimalistic version that refers to the big-band (some of them are lindy hop dancers) focuses on maintaining the characteristic swinging articulation and fluid dynamic changes in such a way that the body starts to tremble and a smile appearing in heart of the dancers doesn't let them stay still! The band is a part of Krakow Section of Culture, Music and Swing Dance called KMiTa Swing.

Harmonogram Rejestracja Zakwaterownie


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