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Firstly – you should do the Check-in. Come to DKK (goo.gl/dkZgoj, ul. Św.Filipa 6)

Wednesday, 4 pm – 1 am (if you plan to come later let us know)

Thursday, 9 am - 1 am.

Friday, 9 am – 7 pm

If you have Weekend Party Pass, you can do your Check-in on Friday in DKK before 7 pm or in the Old Tram Depot (Stara Zajezdnia) starting from 9 pm (party starts at 9:30 pm).


During your Check-in you will get a special package with

- audition ticket for Wednesday and Thursday auditions

- wristband (party passes option)

- bus ticket to the salt mine (for Saturday party, there and back again)

- hand booklet with schedule, map, addresses, and some important information



- meal ticket (if you bought meals before)

- accommodation package (if you are accommodated in DKK)


Audition is obligatory for Lindy Hop levels advanced and intermediate/advanced

Detailed information about auditions you will find here (please, read it before):




Pre Party on Tuesday 15th & After Party on Monday 21st

If you plan to be in Cracow earlier, we have the “Before Party” on Tuesday night. It was always a relaxed party with social atmosphere. It will take place at Hostel Giraffe (ul. Krowoderska 31), starting from 9 pm –  entry is free.

If you are leaving later, on Monday after Dragon Swing, we will have an after party at Piwnica pod Baranami (Rynek Główny 27) which will start at 9:30pm – free entry.



Wednesday (16.11.2016) - Dom Kultury Kolejarza (DKK), 21:00

Thursday (17.11.2016) - Dom Kultury Kolejarza (DKK), 21:30

Friday (18.11.2016) - Stara Zajezdnia Kraków (Old Tram Depot), 21:30

Saturday (19.11.2016) - Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka (Wieliczka Salt Mine), 20:00

Sunday (20.11.2016) - Dom Kultury Kolejarza (DKK), 21:30


ATTENTION: We are not selling Single Tickets or Late Entries for any day. If you have Weekend Party Pass you cannot join Wednesday or Thursday party, but you can join Open JnJ preliminaries on Thursday in Akademia Tańca (Długa 17).


Bar and a cloak room at DKK.

During the parties at DKK (Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday) there will be a bar open  just across from the dance hall which will serve you drinks and some cold snacks. On the lobby level, you will find an obligatory cloak room.


Blues  after party on Saturday/Sunday

After Saturday party in Salt Mine, for those who simply cannot bring the night to an end, there will be special blues after-party at 5AM (technically that is Sunday Morning 5AM) at Hostel Giraffe (ul. Krowoderska 31).

Saturday party at Wieliczka Salt Mine (read info and join facebook event):




Bands & DJ's

This year we will have 5 bands playing for you, 4 nights long with 2 bands playing on Saturday party and 2 bands on Sunday party!

- Django Sisters and their boy band (Brno/Czech Rep) – Saturday party

- Leliwa Jazz Band (Tarnów/Poland) – Thursday and Saturday party

-The Facepalmers (Moscow/Russia) – Friday party

- The Cajun Spices (Warsaw/Poland) – Sunday party

- Lazy Swingers Band (Krakow/Poland) - Sunday party


And your DJ's for this year will be:

- DJ Shorty George

- DJ Reverend Turner,

- and guest DJ's




Check our Taster classes schedule. Plan your time and take part in extra classes :) All participants of the event can participate in taster classes for free (Full Passes, Party Passes - all tasters, and Weekend Party Passes - weekend tasters).




Open Jack 'n' Jill (Rising stars):

Sign up: Thursday, 6 pm - 9 pm in DKK

Preliminaries: Thursday, 10:00 pm, place - Akademia Tańca (Długa 17)

Finals: Friday, during the party in the Old Tram Depot

Advanced Jack 'n' Jill (Shining stars):

Sign up: Friday 6 pm - 8:30 pm in DKK

Preliminaries: Friday, 9 pm, place: DKK

Finals: Saturday, during the party in the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Strictly Lindy:

Sign up: Friday 6 pm - 8:30 pm in DKK

Preliminaries: Friday, 9 pm in DKK

Finals: Saturday, during the party in the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Solo Charleston:

Sign up, Preliminaries and Finals: Saturday, during the party in the Wieliczka Salt Mine



Important places & addresses:



Transport (how to get to center, how to move etc)



Schedule (workshops)



Food and drinks info:



What else to do in Kraków (if you have party pass):






+48 509 712 612 – Dragon Swing blue line

Access (only during the festival): Wednesday morning till Sunday evening

Call us with any question.




We would love to have sun, but we can expect rain and colder nights, so please take some warm clothes with you and check the forecasts.


We are waiting for you!


If you can't wait for the booklet, you can download short and useful PDF and map, but all info you will get after Check-in.

Useful information





Dragon Swing Organizers & DSSF

Harmonogram Rejestracja Zakwaterownie


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