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clockHello Dragon Swing Lindy Hoppers!


15 days to go!

We know that some of you are coming even a Week before (!!) so we decide to send you frist reminder about most important things. Please, read this reminder carefully and if something concerns you, please send us a message  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :)




  • will be open on wednesday from 4 pm to 1 am in Dom Kultury Kolejarza (Filipa 6). If you come later on wednesday and you would like to join the party, please inform us before ;)

  • will be open on thursday in DKK from 8 am, all day long

  • for Weekend Party Passes, it will be on Friday in DKK all day to 6 pm and at the venue from 7:00 pm till midnight

  • if you made 50% of payment, bring other 50% in cash (EUR of you paid in EUR, PLN if you paid in PLN), we cannot accept payments by card




  • First audition will be on Wednesday, 9:30 pm.

  • Second audition will be on Thursday, 10 am. Please be on time. You have to be registered first!

  • Audition is obligatory for Lindy Hop levels advanced and intermediate/advanced


Detailed information you will find here:





  • If you would like to exchange your Party Pass for Weekend Party Pass or the other way, you can send us e-mail. We will make a list of that and if we will have people on both sides, we could help you to make an exchange.

  • Remember that we are not selling any tickets at the doors.

  • If you cannot come and want to sell your ticket, please check our event page – there's plenty of people who would like to buy any kind of passes:

  • Also: there is a Sunday party theme – if you want to know what is that, check the link below:




  • If you booked accommodation through our registration, you'll receive all the informations concerning your stay in a few days.

  • If you booked accommodation, but you cannot join festival or you want to sleep elsewhere, you may have to sell your accommodation spot to someone else, but all booked accommodation must be payed.

  • If you want to stay with someone specific but you didn't tell us before, please write to us. We will try to locate everyone the best we can. For example - registering as a couple is not 100% information that you want to stay with your partner, so if you want to be in the same room, send us a message ;)



  • If you have booked meals option and you have any kind of allergy, special diets or you are vegan or vegetarian, please tell us, so we could add this information to our kitchen :)



  • If you didn't sign up for any competition during your registration, but now you know you want to do it, please send us e-mail and write which competition you want to take part. We will add this to your registration.

  • If you have Weekend Party Pass but you are coming to Kraków already on Thursday and you want take part in Open Jack n Jill prelims – it's okay, you will be able to take part in them as they will be placed in different venue than party place.




  • We have our Green Dragon winners – Alex Parker and Natalia Eristavi
    They will be teaching it on Friday evening, after workshops.

  • Take part and perform the routine next day in Salt Mine!

    You can find choreo here:



A week before the festival we will send one more newsletter with more specific info (the one that you could print and have it with you), so look for it and till that time, if you have any questions, concerns about your registration, write to us so we could deal with them asap :)


We are happy that you are coming and we are super excited to finally start the festival!


Best regards

DS Team