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The features of the Dragon Swing website are being expanded. Dragon Swing will not only be a host for future Dragon Swing camps, but also a general portal for information about Lindy Hop in and around Poland.


Now you can receive our news items on an RSS feed, and now you can sign up for our newsletter. 


You can view all the teacher performances from the Swing Show 2010 here. The photo gallery for Dragon Swing 2010 is coming up however you can already view the photographs, taken by our official Dragon Swing 2010 photographer,  Łukasz Dunikowski, here.


Also! Please join us in Prague December 10-12 for Prague Swing Xmas, and Lithuania December 17-18 (Kaunas then Vilnius) for incredible Christmas parties with the Rhythm Junkies and performances by teachers from Lindyhop.lt and Hoppers studios.You can read more about these events in our new events section.


Also don't forget, Boba Jazz Band plays this Friday (every Friday) from 20:00 at restaurant Gościniec!