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This past weekend there were two international Lindy Hop events in Europe  Lindy Shock in Budapest and Stir It in Switzerland.

Our teachers took a big part in teaching, DJ'ing and kicking butt in competitions:

Anna, Egle and Martynas were teachers at Lindy Shock.
Mindagaus (aka DJ Deeb) was hired DJ for Lindy Shock
Veit was hired DJ for Stir It.


Lindy Shock:

Jack n' Jill: 1st place Mindagaus and Egle
Stictly Lindy: 1st place Martynas and Egle
Showcase: 2nd place Mindagaus and Giedre

Stir It:

Jack n' Jill: 1st place, Veit with with Marcia Bodenmann