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Check out our previous update. It has some important information.


Dragon Swing starts this Wednesday, and we are really excited to see that the number of participants has crossed the 250 line, and we are approach 300 dancers! This is going to be an exciting week! You will be able to start dancing on Tuesday, and dance all the way until Monday Night. Soon we will have a Camp Booklet PDF available on-line to download.


Register Now or Pay More!

Tomorrow, Tuesday is the last day to register for Zone 1 prices. Anyone showing up on Friday will be paying the Zone 2 prices for the Full Pass and Party Pass. Save money and register today! We have also posted at the door prices for the individual parties. Please note that you can buy the pass to the Wieliczka Salt Mine Party for only 50 PLN until 7PM at the DKK. At the door at the Salt Mine will cost 80PLN, so get them early!


Pre-Party Tomorrow!


Tomorrow, Tuesday November 20th for all early arrivals, we are holding a pre-party at Hostel Giraffe. Enjoy a nice cold beer, some good company, and warm up your dancing before Dragon Swing: Lindy Underground starts for real with our Wednesday Welcome Party. At this party you will have an opportunity to Register for Dragon Swing as well as a chance to skip the line on Wednesday and Pick up your registration materials!(Correction, you will be able to register, but you should pick up your registration materials from 4PM on Wednesday.)


address: ul. Krowodoerska 31

price: FREE

500 mL beer: 6 PLN (1.5 Euro)



After-Party Monday Night!


To finish you off we will be having an after-party on Tuesday, November 26th. Where if you can still stand, you can keep on dancing on Hostel Giraffe's beautiful wooden floor. If you can't, just knock back a beer and mingle with the other survivors, and tell stories of your bravery.


address: ul. Krowodoerska 31


500 mL beer: 6 PLN (1.5 Euro)