Today is the last day to register for Dragon Swing under our August prices! So register now, and pay only 90 Euro if you live in zone 1, and 105 Euro if you live in zone 2 - to find out what the zones mean, please check out our prices page. From tomorrow through September it will be  105 Euro for zone 1, and 115 Euro for zone 2 - so still cheap for 5 nights of parties and 4 days of workshops, but not the same deal as yesterday!


The notable exception is our Full Beginner's Pass, which will remain at 85 euros. So dear seasoned Lindy Hoppers, here is our recommended course of action: 



  1. Register for Dragon Swing today to get the lowest price.
  2. Talk to that friend who you have been trying to convince to dance, and let him know about our deal.
  3. Repeat step 2 with all your friends who don't swing yet(Because who are you kidding? You want all your friends to dance!)
  4. You and your friends all come to Dragon Swing, and have an incredible time!


Harmonogram Rejestracja Zakwaterownie


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