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We have finalized our prices for Dragon Swing 2012 Lindy Hop Underground. Like last year our prices vary depending on date of registration and country or residence. To find out the details about this, and all full and updated information regarding prices, go to our prices page. One of the missions of our event is to get new dancers to dance, so we have a special Beginner's Full Pass.

Dancing Dragons


Workshop and Party Prices until September 1st:

Type of Pass  Zone 1 Price  Zone 2 Price 
 Full Pass  90 Euro  105 Euro
 5 Night Party Pass  20 Euro  25 Euro
 Beginner's Full Pass  85 Euro  85 Euro



Accommodation Prices: 

Type of Accommodation  Price for four nights 
 2,3,4 person rooms + meals  105 euro
 8 to 12 person rooms + meals  87 euro



We will also be selling merchandise, including t-shirts and shoe bags this year, and we will have a price set before registration opens. Registration will become live on Friday, August 3rd at 20:00 (UTC +1:00)  so that you can order them along with your registration.