Today is the last day to register for Dragon Swing under our August prices! So register now, and pay only 90 Euro if you live in zone 1, and 105 Euro if you live in zone 2 - to find out what the zones mean, please check out our prices page. From tomorrow through September it will be  105 Euro for zone 1, and 115 Euro for zone 2 - so still cheap for 5 nights of parties and 4 days of workshops, but not the same deal as yesterday!


The notable exception is our Full Beginner's Pass, which will remain at 85 euros. So dear seasoned Lindy Hoppers, here is our recommended course of action: 



  1. Register for Dragon Swing today to get the lowest price.
  2. Talk to that friend who you have been trying to convince to dance, and let him know about our deal.
  3. Repeat step 2 with all your friends who don't swing yet(Because who are you kidding? You want all your friends to dance!)
  4. You and your friends all come to Dragon Swing, and have an incredible time!


We have finalized our prices for Dragon Swing 2012 Lindy Hop Underground. Like last year our prices vary depending on date of registration and country or residence. To find out the details about this, and all full and updated information regarding prices, go to our prices page. One of the missions of our event is to get new dancers to dance, so we have a special Beginner's Full Pass.

Dancing Dragons


Workshop and Party Prices until September 1st:

Type of Pass  Zone 1 Price  Zone 2 Price 
 Full Pass  90 Euro  105 Euro
 5 Night Party Pass  20 Euro  25 Euro
 Beginner's Full Pass  85 Euro  85 Euro



Accommodation Prices: 

Type of Accommodation  Price for four nights 
 2,3,4 person rooms + meals  105 euro
 8 to 12 person rooms + meals  87 euro



We will also be selling merchandise, including t-shirts and shoe bags this year, and we will have a price set before registration opens. Registration will become live on Friday, August 3rd at 20:00 (UTC +1:00)  so that you can order them along with your registration.

LindyHopMoves.comWe are pleased to announce that Lindy Hop Moves is organizing a choreography competition.


The idea is that you, working as an individual or a couple,  create an instructional video for an original choreography that you have created. For details and instructions check it out here.

The winners will receive a full pass to Dragon Swing 2012: Lindy Underground, and will have the opportunity to teach and perform their choreography at Dragon Swing. Additionally, we will award you our first ever Green Dragon trophy. 

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DJThis year we have three main DJ`s; DJ Deeb, DJ Dr. Jazz, DJ Vitalii. However, If someone wants to DJ ed volunteer please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More information about our DJ you will find here.


The features of the Dragon Swing website are being expanded. Dragon Swing will not only be a host for future Dragon Swing camps, but also a general portal for information about Lindy Hop in and around Poland.


Now you can receive our news items on an RSS feed, and now you can sign up for our newsletter. 


You can view all the teacher performances from the Swing Show 2010 here. The photo gallery for Dragon Swing 2010 is coming up however you can already view the photographs, taken by our official Dragon Swing 2010 photographer,  Łukasz Dunikowski, here.


Also! Please join us in Prague December 10-12 for Prague Swing Xmas, and Lithuania December 17-18 (Kaunas then Vilnius) for incredible Christmas parties with the Rhythm Junkies and performances by teachers from and Hoppers studios.You can read more about these events in our new events section.


Also don't forget, Boba Jazz Band plays this Friday (every Friday) from 20:00 at restaurant Gościniec!