The first edition of the festival took place in November 11th-14th, 2010. We hosted instructors from Lithuania, Ukraine and Germany, and the sum of participants was: 40 people!
From year to year, we got more and more experiences, and thanks to satisfied participants, the group of dancers from edition to edition was growing to reach their limit of 700 people.
This year we are meet in Krakow for the 10th time. On this occasion, we decided to do something that we didn't even dream during first editions. We would like to, that every dancer who wants to dance at our event would have this opportunity, which is why this year at the main party in the Wieliczka Salt Mine we will be dancing in three halls to the accompaniment of 6 bands! So if you have not had the opportunity to dance with us, we invite you to Krakow.

12 hours of workshops with international teachers, minimum of 5 parties, tasters are waiting for you.